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Search Engine Optimisation

Can you find you website in Google? What page are you on?

Search Engine Optimisation, or S.E.O. as it is known, is a relatively new service offered around the globe that will help your website rank higher in search engine listings.

By analysing your current website performance and site rank within the major search engines, we can provide to you a course of action for moving your website higher up into potential customers sight. Most internet users will generally not pursue and search result past the fifth page, and unless your website is ranked within these parameters, you will not be seen.

We will take your current setup and optimise it to include correct syntax, choice keyword placement and file compression. We will then submit your site to a number of search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Slurp, AltaVista, AskJeeves, and many more.

Along with the above options, we can also offer a number of PPC or Pay-per-click options that are displayed in the "Sponsors Section" of most search engines, at the very top of the page. By carefully selecting and maintaining choice keywords, your business has a far greater chance of a targeted click - which can give you a lead and a possible sale.

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