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Website Hosting

Our website hosting plans are extremely affordable and very generous with usage allocations. We use a Linux server combined with the latest CPanel Software, enabling you to have complete control over your web precense. We offer all of the following services on all of our packages:
  • cPanel is our management console that allows you to control your web site and and the many features that we have listed below. With the touch of a button, you can add e-mail accounts, access files, backup files, setup a shopping cart, and more.
  • PHP programming language.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • We can host your Dreamweaver site.
  • Frontpage™ Extensions allow you to publish your web site using Microsoft Frontpage™. We now support FrontPage 2002.
  • Write and host your own Perl scripts.
  • Spam Assassin is a mail filter installed on a mail server used to identify spam. It checks for spam using a large number of pre-set rules that check the header, body, and sender of all email messages sent to your domain mailbox.
  • Search Engine Submission - Submit your sites to the world's major search engines with one click by accesses the URL Submitter from within your Control Panel, enabling your customers to find you on the Internet.
  • Email - All of our hosting plans allow for unlimited POP3 email accounts. You control the accounts from the cPanel console.
  • WebMail - Using our WebMail interface you are able to send/receive your emails from any computer screen (similar to hotmail). Ideal for traveling business people.
  • Forwarding - Forwards simply allow you to automatically forward email sent to one account to another account. This is useful when you work at two separate locations, or have gone on holiday.
  • Auto Responders - Auto-responders are email messages that are sent automatically when an email arrives for a specific email account. auto-responders are most commonly used for an "Out of Office" style message to inform your correspondents that you are not available, without you having to reply manually. You can have more than one auto-responder on one account.
  • Mailing Lists - Mailing lists are an ideal tool for communication between far flung participants and can be about anything you want. Mailman allows you to set up a mailing list with a large number of configurable options, such as who is on the list, where mailing lists messages are sent, and whether you include welcoming messages to new subscribers.
  • Subdomain - All of our hosting plans allow for unlimited subdomains. A sub domain is basically a subdirectory or folder created under the primary Domain account which is a fully operating web site with its own username and password. The main benefit of a subdomain is that it doesn't require domain name registration and fees that are associated with a full Domain Name, i.e. http://subdomain.yourdomain.com
  • Statistics - The Web / FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Use the Statistics tools to keep track of what pages are being visited most often, and where they are being referred from.
  • Form Mail - We have several scripts available that allows your surfers to enter information onto a form, and then have it emailed back to you.
  • Search - Provide your users with a "search" capability to find information on your site. Easy to set-up.
  • Chat Rooms are scripts that allow any number of logged-in users to have a typed, real-time, on-line conversation. All of our hosting Plans come with PhpMyChat chat room script.
  • Password Protect Folders - Allows you create a "clients only" area by putting a Username/Password block onto one or more folders. Restrict access to certain areas of web sites, configure as many usernames and passwords as required. Applications include sites where membership is required to view certain content or the creation of an extranet. Password protected directories require authentication using a username and password before files from them can be downloaded via the web. Password protection is recursive meaning that protecting a directory also protects any directories within it.
  • HotLink Protection - Prevent surfers from including content on their web site from your site or running your scripts or content directly from your site.
  • Entropy Banner - The Entropy Banner script allows you to create a set of revolving banner images, normally used for advertising. You can upload and delete files, set priority on the images, and set URLs to which each image points.
  • XMB Forum - The XMB Forum is a PHP web-based bulletin board. Unlike an email list or newsgroup, the XMB Forum creates a forum on your web site that allows users to post questions and receive replies, all from their web browser. This allows you to choose from a variety of graphical interfaces and smilies - little faces that communicate the mood of the writer . Once a forum has been created you can modify it extensively, from adding new sub-forums to changing the visual appearance of the board.
  • Shopping Carts - Use our Agora shopping cart to sell your products.
  • OpenPGP - OpenPGP is a tool for secure online communication. CPanel uses GnuPG for its public-key cryptography so that users may communicate securely. Each person gets a pair of keys, called the public key and the private key. Each person's public key is published while the private key is kept secret. Messages are encrypted using the intended recipient's public key and can only be decrypted using their private key.
  • Web Based File Management - You can use this file manager to access the files on your account. To change to a folder, click on the folder name. To bring up the file menu, click on a file name. This menu will allow you to show a files contents, delete it, edit it, change its permission, rename the file, copy it, or move the file by clicking on the command you wish to activate. This menu also brings up the trashcan. To remove a file from the trashcan, simply click on its name. To empty the trash, click on the trashcan icon. Please note: when you empty the trash, you can no longer restore it from the trashcan. It will be permanently deleted from your accounts disk space.
  • Customised Error Pages - Replace the standard uninformative error responses of your server with a customised page of your choice. Encourages surfers to stay on your site when an error occurs. By adding SSI elements to this page, you can make it more informative. By default the Control Panel Error Page feature saves the error pages as .shtml.
  • Server Side Includes - Server Side Includes enable the addition of dynamic elements to HTML web pages. Server Side Include (SSI) commands are executed by the server as it parses your HTML file. Server side includes have a variety of uses including displaying the date and time and adding a common signature to each of your web pages. HTML files containing SSI must be named with the extension .shtml. SSI commands are easy to add to your HTML, but you must follow the syntax exactly.
  • 24x7x365 Unlimited FTP Access - Round the clock unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages. Files can be transferred to the web server using an FTP program (File Transfer Protocol). FTP software is available for download via a link on many ISP's web sites and is also often available on many ISP discs. Most computer magazine cover discs have trial versions of many popular FTP programs.
Please find below the plans we currently have available. If you require a specialised plan for your website or require your website to be created, please contact us for a personalised quotation.

All prices include GST and excess usage is charged at $0.20 per megabyte.
Description Web Space (MB) Bandwidth Allowance
per Month
Price per Month/Year
Tiny 50 1,000 MB $14.95/$179.40
Lite 250 2,000 MB $24.95/$299.40
Medium 1,000 5,000 MB $49.95/$599.40
Heavy 2,500 10,000 MB $99.95/$1,199.40
Corporate 5,000 50,000 MB $149.95/$1,799.40